Rachel Crosby

What a long, strange, distracted trip it's been...

At the beach, 2012

  I first developed a passion for writing in junior high school when my stories were published in the school "literary" magazine. 

  In my early 20s, I was offered the chance to audit writing courses at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, but instead went to Woodstock and got distracted by the cultural upheaval of those times.

  I then became obsessed with seeking answers to my spiritual questions, and wrote endless speculative essays in my journals. I took refuge as a Buddhist and travelled cross country in a VW bus. In my 30s, I became a rock'n'roll drummer in original music bands and my writing skills turned to song lyrics.

  Finally, in the 1990s, my spiritual and musical pursuits had faded and I started again writing fiction seriously.  I turned out a few short stories, but only casually pursued getting published.

  Then, in 2012, I met the amazing members of the Rising Tide Writers and, encouraged by their many examples, began writing at a furious pace and started dreaming of getting published.

  I am currently at work on a novel, Nature's Kiss (see sample below), which is Book 1 of a series. I have dozens of other ideas for stories and novels. Wooing Wooo (see entire story below) is a short story I completed in early 2012.

  Please email me at bemindful22(at)comcast.net

Nature's Kiss by Rachel Crosby
Sample Chapters: Thirty-six year old high school English teacher, Faye Bloomberg, lives and works on Cape Cod. Her life is okay - she has a hot boyfriend and they spend the weekends together and the sex is pretty good. But Faye has always been into fantasy and dreams of a life filled with characters from the novels she reads.

Ariella Cardona, 15 years old and one of Faye's 10th grade students, was home-schooled up until now in a fairy tale cottage deep in the Punkhorn forest. She introduces Faye to people, beings and ways of living far more fantastic than she could have imagined. Both teacher and student struggle with their differing cultural origins, and both find their lives transformed in unexpected ways.
Nature's Kiss - SampleChapters.pdf
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Wooing Woo by Rachel Crosby
Complete Short Story - Woo is a young Asian-American genius who early in life determines her own path, while dealing with the facts of her birth mother's murder.
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The '63 VW bus in 1974.
The '63 VW bus in 1974.